KVH fundraising – additional information

1. The Hall complex

Knowle Village Hall is a multi-purpose hall opened in 1961 and has benefitted from a number of extensions to improve storage and meeting facilities.  Further details of the complex, including images, can be found on our website: knowlevillagehall.co.uk.

Governance of the hall is maintained by the Knowle Village Hall Association (KVHA) which is registered with the Charity Commission – number: 523004.

Local organisations with regular bookings are eligible to apply for Affiliation to the KVHA.  At present there are 10 Affiliates whose interests include:

Drama & music; Flowers, Embroidery & Art; Retirement Activities; Local Interest Groups: community, history, health etc.

In addition, the hall is an important venue for the NHS Blood Transfusion Service (NHSBT), as a Polling Station and can be available for a range of Social Events.

2 . Gift Aid

The KVHA is registered with HMRC for the recovery of tax under the Gift Aid provisions.  Personal donors can ‘authorise’ us to reclaim tax on their donations by completing a registration form and returning it to the Treasurer.  The form is available from the Treasurer on request and, shortly, will be available as a download from the hall website.

This reclaim of tax from the Government gives us an important boost to funds with each £1 donated being increased to £1.25p!

3. Indication of main work required

This refurbishment project updates every room in the complex.  The main tasks are:

  • Replace roof covering and drainage channels – the main part of this urgent work has been completed, with the Hall now watertight; the cost of almost £10,000 was met out of existing reserves which need replenishing!
  • Replace all single glazed windows with double glazed units.
  • Upgrade quality and security of main entrance doors.
  • Upgrade Emergency Exits
  • Replace heating system in all rooms.
  • Upgrade the lighting system throughout.

In addition, all rooms will be redecorated, the kitchen will be re-equipped and backstage facilities will be improved.

As you would expect, the amount to be spent on each room varies, with the main hall requiring the most attention.  If you would like to direct a substantial donation to any particular part of the scheme, please contact the Treasurer for more information.