Help us raise £75,000 for the refurbishment of our Community Hall

Knowle Village Hall was built over 60 years ago for use by the local community. It is used by local social, educational and general interest groups for the benefit of all.

General maintenance repairs have been funded over the years from its own resources, with a little income by way of grants. Fundraising for a major refurbishment of the main hall, lounge and kitchen, and the replacement of the roof, heating and lighting has been successfully achieved over the last few years, and we are currently raising funds for the improvement of our smaller rooms and toilet facilities.

How can you help?

There are several ways in which you can help us; these could be:

In addition, there is a range of fundraising events being organised over the coming months and there will be opportunities to donate prizes suitable for these events.

How will your donation be recognised?

A suitable plaque will be placed within the building recording the names of major Donors (where agreed by the Donor) and the specific part of the project funded by them (if appropriate).

Gift Aid

Knowle Village Hall Association is a registered charity and therefore, where the personal donor is a taxpayer able to donate under Gift Aid, we can apply to HMRC for a refund of the tax the donor has paid; thereby increasing the donation by 25% (such that every £1 donated can be increased to £1.25p).

Download a Gift Aid Registration form.

Fundraising is a challenge for us and anything you can do to help us reach our target would be welcomed!  The Village Hall has been an important venue for over six decades.  With your help, we can ensure it continues to be a worthy venue for the community of Knowle for years to come.

Thank you.

Knowle Village Hall Association

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